Day: January 13, 2019

Number of years lived

Life expectancy is defined as the average number of years lived, in practice, from birth or from a specific age, (4) being the physical activities, managers of a quality life expectancy. That is why the Family Physician's Offices (Purest Keto Review) play a fundamental role in the promotion of health, recruitment and monitoring of older adults in physical activities. The benefits of physical...
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Stress decreases with age

Other research supports the theory of the U, such as that of Arthur Stone, a psychologist at Stony Brook University in New York, who found that stress decreases with age and reaches its lowest level at 85 Alvera Tone Review. Anxiety and Depression remains stable and decreases after 50. In short, from 18 to 50 years old, life bombards people with difficulties that generate anguish and stress until...
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Artificial creams

In the West, for cultural and historical reasons, dark or tanned skin is considered desirable: people sunbathe, go to tanning chambers and apply artificial creams to tan a bit their skin AmbroSina. But in the East it is precisely the other way around. For different cultural reasons, the tan is considered a sign of a worker, someone of a low caste, while the more decadent pale skin is associated...
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