Microsoft has introduced new features

Microsoft has introduced new features for, which affect both the desktop application for Windows and Mac and the apps for iOS and Android, and the online version Some of these new features will be available this week and others will arrive in the coming months.

Only a few days ago that Google launched the new Gmail design , and those of Redmond have not taken long to respond to this movement with its own package of improvements for their email service. And is that the news presented by Gmail can make things difficult for Microsoft, especially in the case of business customers, thanks to new features such as confidential mode could opt for Google mail.

Among the most noteworthy Outlook news are the synchronization of draft folders , which will allow the user to start writing an email on one device, continue it in a different one and send it from another. In this way, the application will provide greater flexibility that currently offer other solutions.

Another new feature of Outlook is the fast response, a technology that is based on previous conversations to offer you a series of answers with which to respond to messages with greater speed. In addition, you can also tag your favorite people, a useful option to have conversations with your most accessible key contacts.

Other functions that will be present in Outlook are the blocking of external content, which will disable the tracking systems of commercial messages, the warning of CCO to notify you if you are going to respond to an email that has been sent to you as a hidden copy, or the integration of the Office Outlook Lens technology for Android.

Microsoft Outlook has created a great reputation, as it has a quality full email software, with many features, configurations and many extras, which make it a powerful application and preferred in Spain. However, unless you are a person who can afford to spend a lot of time and patience dominating the email software 100%, with all its features, this software probably has much more than you need.

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