Passion you feel for photography

Needless to say, the achievement-size merit is not even remotely mine. Maybe I would take the first step, maybe I would give shape, name and structure to this project in its beginnings, but the merit of this coming to where it is today is the wonderful team that accompanies me, and that works incessantly every week to nourish in you a little more that passion that unites us all here lifestyle photographer Hong Kong.

Without Expensive, Alexa and Iaio (next to other ex-collaborators) this would have been certainly difficult. But also, without you my dear reader, regardless of what you call yourself, the age (or political ideology) you have, the place where you are and the type of camera you use, without you this would have been absolutely impossible : without a reader who reads what we publish, who comments, who shares and above all, who puts into practice the advice we propose, Blog del Fotógrafo would have stayed on the road a long time ago. Today we celebrate this moment thanks to you and that passion you feel for photography, which you share with us every time you come to read one of our articles.

In addition to our common fondness for photography, I had wanted to share this with you for a while: today we are releasing the BdF playlists on Spotify. Yes! When it comes to music, I’m a complete junkie. In all the creative projects that I undertake (photography, processing, graphic design, writing articles or books) I need to listen to background music. Do not believe, it’s nothing I’m proud of.

Over time I developed a dependence on music that if I run out of connection while writing a text in Word can give me a jamacuco. So, in an attempt to get a positive side to this addiction, I’ve decided to rename my playlists and share them publicly with you on Spotify.

One of the premises that we have adopted in BdF from the beginning is to transmit the reader the passion for photography and try to inspire it so that, at the end of the reading, it is thrown into the camera anxious to take the theory learned to practice.

One of the ways we used at the time to achieve this goal was the weekly challenge , a formula that we have used for years, and which has left a good catalog of challenges (200, no less) that we invite you to try and practice

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